Seaville cover



A Novel by Jim Reilly

Publishing date: Fall of 2013

Seaville synopsis

The people living along the southern part town along the Great South Bay of Long Island are controlled by an alien race hiding on Earth from its former masters.  When new neighbors, Mike and Ann Wells along with their children CJ and Patricia, move into the southern part of town, they discover the true identity of their neighbors.

The hidden strangers called the Sulamorlan, are intimidated by the human emotions of their hosts and are challenged by their behavior they can’t control.  Mike Wells and his wife Ann, a person with firsthand knowledge of the Sulamorlan hosts, need to help the aliens stay concealed from the world.  They must do this by helping the aliens control their emotions while keeping hidden from an old Priest aware of strange activities and an unsavory wealthy individual, Norwood, with his own secret agenda driven by greed.

Mike and Ann must work through the human/ Sulamorlan behavioral issues as the town goes berserk, deal with the priest and Norwood, while helping the aliens refuel in order to stay one step ahead of their former masters, who are intent on retrieving their lost property.


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